Welcome to hrvtraining

My name is Andrew Flatt and I hold a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and am a CSCS with the NSCA. I currently reside in Montgomery, AL where I am completing several research projects pertaining to HRV and exercise at Auburn University at Montgomery. I recently worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Cal U in PA. I was the strength and conditioning coach at a private high school in Ontario for 3 years prior to pursing a Master’s degree. I have an extensive athletic background including hockey, rugby and collegiate football. I now compete in raw powerlifting and was the 2010 Canadian National Champion (amateur). I am interested in all aspects of strength and conditioning however my research interest pertains to Heart Rate Variability and its application to monitoring the training of athletes.

With this blog I intend to;

  • share anecdotes, research and anything else I can regarding heart rate variability (HRV) as I feel it is a technology that will soon be used by the majority of trainers, strength coaches and individuals to better monitor and manipulate their  training loads.
  • discuss any other aspect of strength and conditioning that happens to be on my mind.
  • make an effort to provide training updates with  HRV scores and relevant information to allow interested readers to see how HRV is effected on a day to day basis in a strength athlete from training and other daily stressors
  •  include book and product reviews as I like to read and buy stuff related to strength and conditioning.
  • share video’s and resources that I feel readers of this blog will find useful




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