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Early changes in HRV relate to eventual fitness changes in collegiate soccer players

Numerous studies have shown that increases in fitness (e.g., VO2max, MAS, Yo-Yo, etc.) are associated with increased cardiac-parasympathetic activity among healthy, athletic and clinical populations. This is one of the reasons why aerobic exercise is considered to be cardio-protective, due … Continue reading

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3 Month HRV and Wellness trends of two D1 Athletes

Below are the HRV trends of two NCAA D1 athletes from a team we’ve been working with over a 3 month period of virtually the same training schedule. The vertical gray bars represent average perceived wellness (9 point scale) The dotted … Continue reading

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HRV Monitoring Podcast Episode

About a month ago I had  the pleasure of being interviewed on the Quantified Body Podcast. In the interview we touch on a variety of topics including: HRV basics HRV recording methodology (duration, position, etc.) Smart Phone Apps Data analysis … Continue reading

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Individual HRV Responses In Professional Soccer Players During A Competitive Season

In a team setting environment, athletes are often exposed to similar training loads during practices, training and competition. Monitoring of only the external training load provides coaches with an incomplete picture of how individual athletes may be responding and adapting … Continue reading

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Updates, free monitoring spread sheet with questionnaire & an HRV video.

1) I was recently contacted by a researcher based out of Australia and asked to beta test his new HRV app. I’ve had the app and hardware for a few days now and it has some really cool features. In a … Continue reading

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Strength and Conditioning vid’s from across the NCAA (Football, Baseball, Softball, Soccer etc)

Here are some college strength and conditioning video’s from across the NCAA that you might enjoy. I’ll try and post some new video’s once a week from now on. Ole Miss Football   Maryland Football   South Carolina Football   … Continue reading

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Welcome to hrvtraining

My name is Andrew Flatt and I hold a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and am a CSCS with the NSCA. I currently reside in Montgomery, AL where I am completing several research projects pertaining to HRV and exercise at … Continue reading

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