Deadlift from 02/10/2012

Thursday Morning HR: 67.6 HRV: 75.9 – Rest Day

Friday Morning HR:61.6 HRV 81.1 – Deadlift

Saturday Morning (today) HR: 55.1 HRV: 82.3

Body weight: 223

Looks like deloading on Wednesday paid off. My HRV was still poor on Thursday but jumped back up for yesterdays Deadlift workout. I can definitely feel the difference physically when my HRV is poor and when it’s high.

Friday’s Workout looked like this;

Deadlift: 135 1×5, 225 1×5, 315 1×5, 36  1×1, 405 1×1, 425 1×1, 445 1×1, 465 2×1            I stopped there as my back started to act up a bit at this point. I’m anxious to put some more weight on the bar and move something decent but it’s just not worth a major set back if my back gets messed up.

RDL’s: 225 2×10

Chest Supported BB Row (pause at top): 135 1×10, 155 3×10                                                     Sit-ups on GHR: 3×10

Chin Ups: 3×10                                                                                                                                               GHR: 3×8

Overall, I was happy with the workout. I’m going to focus on strengthening my back to keep a solid neutral spine when deadlifting. If my technique is flawless usually there is no pain. This is a blessing and a curse. I had a big meal after and a great sleep last night. I was pretty surprised to see my HRV so high the day after a workout. I’m sure if I had done some heavier deadlifting with more sets it wouldn’t be so high. 465 really isn’t going to stress my body out that much.

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