Strength and Conditioning vid’s from across the NCAA (Football, Baseball, Softball, Soccer etc)

Here are some college strength and conditioning video’s from across the NCAA that you might enjoy. I’ll try and post some new video’s once a week from now on.

Ole Miss Football


Maryland Football


South Carolina Football


Notre Dame Football


Dayton Football


Notre Dame Hockey


North Texas Football


Florida State Football


Southern Miss Women’s Softball


Merrimack Baseball


Oklahoma State S&C Facility


Army Football

Happy Easter!


About hrvtraining

I hold an MS in Exercise Science and am a CSCS with the NSCA. I"m currently working in the Human Performance Lab at Auburn University (Montgomery) completing several research projects on HRV and exercise. I will be pursuing a PhD in Human Performance this Fall (2014) at the University of Alabama. Formerly, I worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Cal U in PA. I have an extensive athletic background including hockey, rugby and collegiate football. I now compete in raw powerlifting and was the 2010 Canadian National Champion (amateur). I am interested in all aspects of strength and conditioning however my research interest pertains to heart rate variability and its application to monitoring the training of athletes.
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