Squat: 01/30/2012 – First Entry

A brief training/injury history will make my training log a little easier to follow. After 4 years of football at WLU, I decided to compete in powerlifting. I loved training and no longer had football obligations so I figured I might as well train for something. Over the past 2 years I’ve dealt with 2 back injuries. One was in 2010 (strained multifidus) and the other was this past fall of 2011 (another muscle strain). Since my most recent set back, I’ve only recently have been able to start lifting with some decent poundage again. I am still not 100% comfortable with Deadlifting heavy so those workouts will remain moderate in weight until I feel strong enough to increase the weight.

Due to such a busy schedule here at Cal U with my studies and grad assistant responsebilities I have reduced my training from 4 days/week to now 3 days/week. Monday I train the Squat, Wednesday is Bench Press and Friday is Deadlift. I will be using my HRV scores to help determine how much load and intensity I use from day to day (see my blog post for more info on HRV https://hrvtraining.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/my-observations-with-hrv-and-how-i-will-now-use-hrv-to-guide-my-training/).

The main purpose of logging my training is to see how HRV guided training effects my strength. There is presently no research that measures this.

Last night’s Squat Workout

Morning HR: 67.6 HRV: 77.3

HR was a bit higher than normal but HRV was within my baseline so I proceeded with the workout as planned. This week I’m working up to a heavy single. Did only 1 set at the top weight since my HRV was at the lowest end of baseline.


Foam Roll Everything on Rumble Roller followed by: Light Skipping, Empty Sled Pushes, Dynamic Stretching and Mobility Work

Rumble Roller







Squat: 135×5, 225×5, 315×5, 365×3, 405×3, 455×1, 480×1, 505×1

(WARNING: Awful music with swearing in background)

Front Squat: 135×6, 185×6, 205 for 2×6
*I hate front squatting and I suck at it. The weight feels light but I have trouble maintaining the rack position due to poor mobility. I really feel these will help my back squat plus I have to be able to coach this lift so there’s plenty of reasons for me to do them.

Deep Step Ups: 3×8/leg
Anti-Rotation Band Holds: 3×15 second holds

Glute-Ham Raise: 3×5 (feet placed at highest setting)
Ab Wheel: 3×8

That’s it. First time doing GHR’s with my feet that high. What a difference. The Squats all felt good. Definitely had more in me on the last set but didn’t want to stress my low back out too much. I haven’t touched anything over 500 since last spring. Leaving some in the tank for future progress.


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