Bench 02/01/2012

This mornings HR: 72.4 HRV:77.0

Body weight: 223

My HR was unusually high today. The only thing out of the ordinary that happened yesterday was that I broke my bed frame before going to sleep and had to lay my mattress on the floor. Clearly not that big of a deal. My HRV was 78 yesterday morning which was high considering I had a heavy squat workout the night before.

Anyway.. tonight’s bench work out looked like this:

Since HRV was still at baseline I went a head with my original plan.. sort of.

Warm Up: Skipping, Sled Pushes, Dynamic Stretches, Mobility Work and some Med Ball Throws

Bench Press: 135×5 185×3 205×3 250×3 275×3 295×3 315×3 335×1 365×1 385xmiss

The plan all month was for me to do 375. I guess I got greedy because I had a spotter for once and was probably trying to show off for the camera. Regardless, I failed to lock it out and I’ll be pissed for the rest of the month.

Military Press (Standing) – 135 for 3×8                                                                                          Chest Supported DB Rows – 80’s for 5×10                                                                            *Superset

Pull Ups – 10, 9, 9                                                                                                                                 Neutral Grip DB Press – 70’s 3×8 (I squeeze the DB’s together the whole time and pause for 2 seconds at the bottom)

DB Curls – 50’s for 3×8                                                                                                                         Band Triceps Press Downs – 3×20

That’s it. Need to strengthen my triceps.

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