Squat 02/06/2012

Morning HR: 64.2 HRV: 78.4

This score is within baseline so I proceeded with the workout as planned. This week I will be working up to 2×2 with a weight that I could do 3 reps with.

Squat: 135 1×5, 225 1×5, 315 1×3, 365 1×3, 405 1×2, 455 1×2, 475 2×2

I was pretty conservative with picking 475 because in my experience, I usually end up paying for it if I get too greedy. After doing the sets I probably should have  had another 10-20lbs on the bar to really reflect a 3 rep max weight. I don’t regret it though. I recorded the first set at a back angle and the second set at a side angle. I’m happy to say that my back felt fine all workout. It’s really just deadlifting that seems to aggravate it.

Front Squat: 135 1×6, 185 1×6, 210 2×6 – Just wanted to beat last week. Still hate them.

Deep Step-Up: 3×8 each leg                                                                                                                         Pikes on Swiss Ball: 3×10                                                                                                                               *Superset

GHR: 2×8                                                                                                                                                         Pot Stir: 2×6 each direction                                                                                                                         *Superset

Looking forward to bench day!

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