Deadlift 02/03/12

This morning’s HR: 61.6 HRV: 82.4

If you’ve read any of  my previous posts you’ll know that this is an excellent score for me.

If not you may want to check out my explanations of what HRV is and why I monitor it. It’s pretty interesting stuff so check it out if you have a minute.

HRV Explained: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 and Part 4

Today was Deadlift day. The plan was to work up to a bunch of singles with a weight that didn’t provoke any pain in my back. I pulled conventional for the first time in a while. I had been experimenting with sumo deadlifts for the past 3 months or so to see how it felt on my back. They were ok, but don’t feel natural to me. I definitely prefer conventional and it felt good to do them again.

The workout went like this:

Warm Up: Extensive soft tissue work on back and hips with lacrosse ball and foam roller followed by; Skipping, Dynamic Stretches, Light Reverse Hypers.

Deadlift: 135 3×5, 225 2×5, 315 4×1, 365 2×1, 405 5×1, 425 2×1                                        – – My back felt decent and the weight felt light. Unfortunately this is a far cry from my best of 600 but if I stay smart with my numbers I’ll be there again in a few months. I should also mention that I stretched my hip flexors and calves between each set. This really helped me start with and maintain a good neutral spine for all of my lifts. I will definitely continue to do this in future workouts and I recommend that anyone do them who may have a difficult time with this. I filmed my lifts to keep an eye on my back. Nothing special. Call me out if you see something wrong with my form. The lifts are out of order on the video.

Good Mornings: 135 1×6, 185 3×6                                                                                                    GHR Sit-ups: 3×10                                                                                                                              *Superset                                                                                                                                                          Kept it light on the GM’s. I went real slow on the eccentric and explosive on the concentric.

Single Arm DB Rows – 100’s 3×10                                                                                                   GHR: 3×7 (feet at highest setting)                                                                                                  *Superset

I ended it there because the golf team showed up early for their workout and I had to get ready for it. I made it through the whole workout without tweaking my back so I’m happy.

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