Squat 02/13/2012

Sunday: HR 60.8 HRV 79.3 – Did some light recovery work (stretch, foam roll, skip)

Today: HR 66 HRV 78 – Squat Day

Squat: Worked up to 455 for 3×3                                                                                                    Some days the weights feel light and sometimes they don’t. Today they didn’t feel light. I only did 3×3 because my HRV was decent. Curious to see how my HRV responds tomorrow. (I’ll only post a video from now on when I do something worth posting)

Front Squat: 135×6, 185×6, 205×6, 225×6

Deep Step Up – 2×8 each leg                                                                                                                    Ab Wheel Roll Outs – 2×8

GHR – 2×10                                                                                                                                                       Reverse Crunch – 2×10

That’s it. Not great, not terrible.


About hrvtraining

I hold an MS in Exercise Science and am a CSCS with the NSCA. I"m currently working in the Human Performance Lab at Auburn University (Montgomery) completing several research projects on HRV and exercise. I will be pursuing a PhD in Human Performance this Fall (2014) at the University of Alabama. Formerly, I worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Cal U in PA. I have an extensive athletic background including hockey, rugby and collegiate football. I now compete in raw powerlifting and was the 2010 Canadian National Champion (amateur). I am interested in all aspects of strength and conditioning however my research interest pertains to heart rate variability and its application to monitoring the training of athletes.
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