Bench 02/15/2012

Tuesday HR: 67.9 HRV: 77.6 – Off Day – Did some light sled dragging to pump some blood in my legs

Today HR: 71.9 HRV 72.3

A low score today. I had a low score last Wednesday too. Two weeks in a row not benching heavy is rough! I typically don’t work up to 315 on a de-load day but I had to move something I didn’t have to be embarrassed about.

Here’s what I did;

Bench: worked up to 315 for 1 set of 5

Incline DB Bench: 80’s for 2×10
Chest Supported Row: 80’s for 2×10

Standing Barbell Triceps Extensions: 75lbs for 2×12
DB Curl: 50’s for 2×8

DB Laterals: 30’s for 2×10
Inverted Rows on Rings: 2×10

My HRV better not be low next Bench day!


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