Training Log from week of Mon Feb. 20th – Sun Feb 26th

From now on I will post one training log update every week as opposed to separate posts for each workout. This will make it much easier to see how my HRV fluctuates from day to day.

Monday Feb 20th

Morning HR: 66.6 – HRV: 77.3

Bodyweight: 224

HRV was within baseline so I proceeded with original plan which was to work up to a few sets of 2 with a weight I could do 3 reps with.

Warm up: Foam roll, sled, skip, dynamic stretches, some mobility… ready to rock.

Squat – 485 for 2×2

Front Squat – 185×6, 205×6 – I couldn’t get my groove on these so I stopped after that set.

Walking DB Lunges – 40’s for 2×11/leg                                                                                      Barbell Roll Outs – 2×6                                                                                                               *Superset

GHR – 2×10

Landmines – 2×10/side

Tuesday Feb 21st

Morning HR: 68.7 – HRV: 77.5 Higher than I expected after the squat day.

I did some foam rolling, stretching and 20 minutes of sled dragging. Forward and backward with 2 plates on the sled

Wednesday Feb 22rd

Morning HR: 61.3 – HRV: 78.3 Another baseline score which I was happy to see for bench day.

Warm up – same thing as last time

Bench – 340 for 3×3

The plan was to do 355 but the weight felt heavy today. This was probably because for the last 2 weeks in a row on Wednesday’s I had low HRV and therefore didn’t bench too heavy. The weight always feels heavy after a few workouts not lifting heavy.

Military Press – 135 for 4×8

DB Incline Press – 80’s for 3×8

I performed these really slow and paused in a deep stretch at the bottom. I was sore the next day.

I ended it here. I typically do some arms and delts, but wasn’t feeling it.

Thursday Feb 23rd

Morning HR: 68.5 HRV: 76.3 – heart rate was a bit high and HRV was a bit low. This is pretty standard for the day after a lift.

Did some foam rolling, stretching and some light sled work for recovery.

Friday Feb. 24th

Morning HR: 64 HRV: 77.2 – Within baseline

This would typically be my deadlift day but as I mentioned in my last entry for Friday I am temporarily stopping deadlifting until my back is 100%. My workouts now focus on movements that will help build the deadlift.

Warm Up – Same routine

Bent Over Row – 245 for 4×8

RDL – 185×12, 225 for 3×12 – these made my hammies real sore over the weekend. RDL’s didn’t bother my back so I’ll definitely be doing these again.

Weighted Chin Up – 25lbs on the belt for 1×9, 2×8

DB Row – 100 for 3×10 – kept my elbow flared to hit my upper back

Farmers Walks – Loaded up 2 trap bars with 135 on each and did 4 walks for about 20 seconds each. The turns are what makes these so difficult. I could walk straight with these for a long time but the weight room isn’t a mile long so I have to make frequent turns.

Saturday Feb. 25h

Morning HR: 64.1 HRV: 77.7 – A decent score for a day after a lift

Did some stretching, mobility and sled dragging. Nothing strenuous.. just got a light sweat and kept my heart rate up for about 20mins

Sunday Feb. 26th

Morning HR: 65.6 HRV: 76.1 – Expected HRV to be higher

I went in to the weight room to pump the arms and delts since I didn’t do them on Wednesday.

Nothing really to report, I used really light weight and focused on time under tension and strong contractions. I didn’t want to do anything that would affect my HRV score for squatting the next day. My arms were sore as hell today (Monday) which is awesome.

That’s it for that week.

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