Deadlift 02/17/2012

Thursday HR: 75.9 HRV: 69.6 – low because I pushed it a little too hard on Wed.

Friday HR: 67.8 HRV: 78.8 – Deadlift Day – workout below

Saturday: HR: 74.1 HRV: 69.1

Deadlift Workout: I have decided to stop deadlifting until my back heals to 100%. Deadlifting is the only exercise that really bothers it. In the mean time my Friday workouts are going to consist of exercises that will still help build and strengthen the muscles used in the deadlift. Here’s what I did;

Bent Over Row: 225 for 5×8 – Haven’t done these in forever. Kept the weight moderate to see how my back felt. Everything felt good! I want to get this lift real strong now.

Good Morning: 225 for 3×6 – These don’t bother my back at all for some reason. Kept the weight moderate because these tend to make my ham’s really sore. I want my legs fresh for Monday’s squat workout. I’ll build this lift up slowly over the next few workouts.

Weighted Chin up: 25lb plate attached to belt for 4×8
Barbell Hip Thrust: 135 3×10 – first time trying these, incredible glute exercise. I’ll load these up much heavier next time.

DB Row – 100’s for 3×8 – kept my elbow flared out and rowed the db to my armpit to hit the upper back.

Farmers Walk: Loaded up 2 trap bars with 135lbs. Did 4 carries for about 20 seconds each. First time doing these. Really trying to build some grip strength.

My HRV today was really low as I mentioned above. I am pretty sure it’s because yesterday’s workout was very different from what I typically do. The new exercises obviously put a big stress on my body. I was expecting a low HRV score. I’ll rest today and tomorrow and should be good to go for Squat day on Monday.

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