Updates, free monitoring spread sheet with questionnaire & an HRV video.

1) I was recently contacted by a researcher based out of Australia and asked to beta test his new HRV app. I’ve had the app and hardware for a few days now and it has some really cool features. In a future post I will give my thoughts and review of the app (with the creator’s permission).

2) Last week T-Nation published the “HRV Roundtable Discussion” article. The roundtable contributors were; Craig Weller, James Heathers, Mike T. Nelson, Patrick Ward, Joel Jamieson, Simon Wegerif, Jonathan Pope, Dave Tenney and myself.

This discussion took place earlier in the year and ended up being over 20 pages in length! Many of the pages were adjusted to 8 or 10 point font to reduce the number of pages. A ton of great thoughts and ideas were shared by some very intelligent people. I learned a lot from being a part of this discussion and am very grateful for having been asked to contribute. Craig organized and edited the entire discussion. I can only imagine how long and arduous of a process that was. You can read the discussion HERE.

3) For any strength coaches who are interested in utilizing HRV analysis with your teams, you’ll be interested to know that iThlete has a team app in production. This app will make monitoring RHR, HRV, training load, etc. of each member of your team very easy. I will see if I can get a post up in the near future with some screen shots and more details. I’m very excited for this!

4) Training has been going extremely well for me since moving back to Canada. I can now deadlift without any pain or discomfort in my lower back. I’m considering finally entering a meet again this winter. If I decide to do this I’d like to document my meet prep programming, HRV trends, RPE’s, etc. both for myself (to see what worked and what didn’t) and for my readers because they are training nerds like me.

5) Download a FREE monitoring survey and excel spreadsheet here. This can be very useful to keep track of of your players throughout the season.

6) I came across a very informative video lecture last month that explains the various HRV analysis methods (Time domain, Frequency domain, Poincare plot). The video provides demonstrations of how to use the free Kubios software to analyze data. If you’re interested in learning more about the more technical aspects of HRV analysis, check it out.

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