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Effect of Water Ingestion on HRV: Implications for daily measures

One of the more challenging aspects of implementing HRV monitoring with athletes is ensuring that daily measures are performed reliably. Unreliable or inconsistent measurement procedures can lead to invalid data (false positives or false negatives) and therefore a misinterpretation of … Continue reading

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Why Assess the ANS?

I just finished watching a presentation by Andy O’Brien entitled “Modern Concepts in Program Design – A Systematic Approach to Individualization”. Andy O’Brien works with elite athletes including NHL star Syndey Crosby. His presentation is 28 minutes long and is … Continue reading

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If you’re not assessing (the ANS), you’re guessing

“If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing” is a phrase often used by strength and conditioning professionals to explain the importance of movement assessment prior to exercise prescription. Prescribing a program that doesn’t consider the athlete’s movement ability (or lack thereof) … Continue reading

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